Sep 11, 2013

If I Were A Boy....

Lets face it ladies! There is NOTHING ON EARTH more comfortable than Men's clothing! I swear, their clothing was made strictly for comfort! My favorite Men's attire would have to be their flannel shirts and their denim!
Here's a quick look I paired up with a few feminine touches to give the "I'm really comfy but cute" look!
As always, the products featured in today's fit are as follows:
Plaid Shirt
Boyfriend Jeans
Black Pumps
Red Clutch
Moschino Belt

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Take a moment out of your day and say a prayer for all those effected in the September 11th Tragedy in 2011. For some, we may only remember one time a year, but for others the reminder is daily.....

The Girl With Boyfriend Jeans And No Boyfriend xoxo


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