Sep 12, 2013

Professionally Pink...

Sometimes keeping it "Professional" in the workplace can get pretty boring really quickly. One thing I like to do when styling suiting, is to spice it up! Using brighter colors help A LOT in the Business Professional world.
This post is all about showing how to "Professionally" wear HOT PINK in the office!
Trendy: this look is mainly for those fashionistas who enjoy the pop of color along with patterns! Its like color/pattern blocking! The pattern on the shoes with the pattern on the shirt allows for pattern blocking (another trend). The classic black and white stripes pop well against a bold color. To keep the look from getting too conservative, adding a separate pattern allows this look to go from classic to trendy!
Bold: this look is mainly for the fashionistas who LOVE COLOR! This look is not for the shy nor the quiet! Mixing two bold colors together in the office will definitely get you noticed! This Hot Pink color is set off by the Neon Yellow shoes and sweater. Be prepared for a few extra "Good Mornings" sunshine :-)
Conservative: this look is mainly for those fashionistas who do enjoy color but not so much attention! By wearing a muted/soft pink color oxford shirt, it softens the hot pink suit. Matching the shoes to the suit keeps the look monotonous however the bold color will never let this fit be dull.
Items Featured:

Sep 11, 2013

If I Were A Boy....

Lets face it ladies! There is NOTHING ON EARTH more comfortable than Men's clothing! I swear, their clothing was made strictly for comfort! My favorite Men's attire would have to be their flannel shirts and their denim!
Here's a quick look I paired up with a few feminine touches to give the "I'm really comfy but cute" look!
As always, the products featured in today's fit are as follows:
Plaid Shirt
Boyfriend Jeans
Black Pumps
Red Clutch
Moschino Belt

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Take a moment out of your day and say a prayer for all those effected in the September 11th Tragedy in 2011. For some, we may only remember one time a year, but for others the reminder is daily.....

The Girl With Boyfriend Jeans And No Boyfriend xoxo


Sep 10, 2013

Walking Dollar Signs...

For the 2013 BET Awards, Ciara preformed wearing top shops "All Over Money" pant and shirt set. Honestly, when I first saw it, I was kind of like "eh". But after playing around with the endless outfits available to pair with the duo, my mind has suddenly changed....
What do you think?!

Sep 9, 2013

A Little Monday Humor...

Yes my friend, its Monday again! Don't stress, this should make you smile!
Alexander Wang may have taken the top spot for my favorite designer after this!
The Monday Motivator xoxo

Monday Morning Blues....

Happy Monday!!! Are you feeling the Monday Blues like me?! Well here is something to make your Monday a little brighter :-) Check out these Royal Blue C├ędric Charlier Slim Leg Trousers ( Find Them Here) . Featured are 3 different ways to style! Just click the links to take you directly to the items!
Look 1: WORK
Look 2: CASUAL
"Always dress like your going to see your worst enemy" -Anonymous

Sep 8, 2013

When Classic Meets Street.....

A fashion look from September 2013 featuring Brian Lichtenberg sweatshirts, Calvin Klein tops and Mango skirts. Browse and shop related looks.
I love mixing Classic pieces with Street Fashion. The mix of the two worlds creates a happy dance in my head :-) Here are a few different looks I have created using the classic black pencil skirt to create 3 casual looks! Hope you're inspired! :-)
All Items Used Can Be Found Here:
The Basic Tee:
The Cut Off Top:
The Sweatshirt:
 Homies Sweatshirt
Leopard Platforms
Stella McCartney Clutch
Juicy Couture Watch

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing"- Alexander Wang



Sep 6, 2013

Ms. Tamar Braxton

Earlier this week Tamar Braxton was spotted out at her signing for her new album LOVE AND WAR. Rocking a Burberry Heart Blouse and a pair of Distressed Denim Jeans she choose to pair the fit with brown patent pumps. To accessorize she added a gold chain belt....
I'm really digging the blouse and the jeans. I love the fit of the whole look. I'm NOT feeling that gold chain, but I do agree that a belt was needed; just not that chain. The classic pointed toe pumps with her silhouette looks great....its just that chain....
I don't know, what do you think? HOT or HMMM?
BTW: She looks AMAZING! Especially after just having a baby! Congrats Ms. Tamar on the new album and your new addition!
I think I'm going with a HOT...lets just loose the chain!