Sep 5, 2013

Nicholas K Runway Collection....

Today, Nicholas K Collection had its Spring/Summer 2014 debut. First off, let me say I am a  HUGE fan of all of his work! I just love the effortless pieces. The freedom that the fit of the clothing gives is PRICELES!
One thing that I wasn't too found of was his shoes; women or menswear....HOWEVER...

He recovered with this look! I ADORE these boots! They are over the knee, still effortless like the clothing, wedged, and open toe...I mean, What more could I ask for?!
I CANT WAIT until these are released on his site next season because I will DEFINITELY be purchasing these beauties!
What do you think? HOT OR HMMMMM?
Signed Sincerely,
A Shoe Addict xoxo

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